3 Buffalo Bills players who should still be cut despite cap rise

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Deonte Harty

The Buffalo Bills signed Deonte Harty last offseason as a replacement for Isaiah McKenzie on offense but an upgrade as a punt returner. He would make the Pro Bowl and be a first-team All-Pro as a punt returner with the New Orleans Saints his rookie season.

Harty certainly was as good as advertised on punt returns and had a 12.4 yard per punt return average, including a 96-yard punt return for a touchdown. However, he didn't make much of an impact on offense as he had only 15 receptions for 150 yards and one touchdown.

This upcoming season, Harty is expected to have a cap hit of $5.57 million but if he is released the Bills would save $4.195 million. The issue for Harty is similar to Martin in that he is good as a punt returner but Buffalo doesn't have the luxury of having this much salary cap dedicated to this position.