3 Buffalo Bills who get contract extensions before free agency

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Earlier in the week, the Buffalo Bills made some drastic changes to their roster as they work to get under the salary cap ahead of free agency. While they were able to get close, they didn't get all the way there and still have some work to do before the new league year.

The Bills do have some options, like converting Josh Allen's contract that will create almost $20 million in cap space, but they could also look to extend some players who are entering the final year of their contract in 2024.

These are players that are still playing at a high level and realistically would be great to keep with the team for the next few years. The idea would be that they have high salary cap hits that could extend that money over multiple years and lower their cap hit for this season. Meanwhile, it gives the players some guaranteed money at the time of signing the extension as well as security in knowing where they will be the next few seasons.

These are three players on the Buffalo Bills that could make sense to work out a contract extension before free agency.