2 fair, 2 unfair expectations of Buffalo Bills WR Keon Coleman in 2024

Does Keon Coleman face a good amount of pressure in his rookie season?
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#1 Unrealistic Expectation: Become Josh Allen’s immediate number one target

With the way that Joe Brady operates his offense, it is a week-to-week basis as to who will be the most productive weapon for the Bills. We saw it in the second half of the last season with guys like Khalil Shakir, James Cook, even running back Ty Johnson at one point looked like the best offensive Bills player. One thing is for sure, there is never one true go-to guy which is part of the reason why Stefon Dggs’ production took a massive hit after Week 6. 

With Coleman, there is an expectation that he gets involved with the passing game early and often, but Bills fans cannot expect Coleman to be Allen’s number one target. Last season, we noticed an uptick in production by Khalil Shakir who has a legitimate argument to be Allen’s go-to guy going into 2024. This is not an Allen-to-Diggs combo where the two should connect immediately right off the bat, as Allen and Diggs did in 2020. There will be some growing pains for Coleman but that is where having Shakir, Curtis Samuel, and Dalton Kincaid are helpful.

#2 Unrealistic Expectation: Become a Top 10 wide receiver in the league

In recent memory, there have only been two rookie wide receivers who established themselves as arguably Top 10 receivers in the league, Ja’Marr Chase in 2021 and Puka Nacua last season with the Los Angeles Rams. Unless Coleman gets off to a fast and hot start right out of the gate, there should be no expectation that Coleman becomes a Top 10 receiver in the NFL in his rookie season.

There are too many other receivers that deserve that respect. While Coleman has the chance to become one in the future, becoming one in his rookie season is not a realistic expectation.