2 fair, 2 unfair expectations of Buffalo Bills WR Keon Coleman in 2024

Does Keon Coleman face a good amount of pressure in his rookie season?
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#1 Realistic Expectation: Lead Buffalo in red zone receiving touchdowns

With Joe Brady officially calling the offense on a full-time basis, Bills fans should have an understanding as to how the offense will perform next season. Brady has shown a scheme where he gets most if not all weapons involved, not just one main weapon. Buffalo’s expected starting wide receivers for Week 1 are Keon Coleman, Curtis Samuel, and Khalil Shakier. They also have Dalton Kincaid and James Cook who are safety valves for Josh Allen in the passing game. 

Part of the reason why the Bills may have drafted Coleman when they did is because of his contested catch ability. He has the size and hands to go up for a jump ball and come down with it successfully. Should the Bills get into the red zone and in need of a score, it is a realistic expectation that Coleman could lead the Bills in the red zone receiving touchdowns if Allen throws it up to him.

#2 Realistic Expectation: Lead all rookie WRs in production

This realistic expectation doesn’t mean that he will be the best overall rookie wideout, but Coleman is just one of the few receivers from this draft class who landed in a great spot. Aside from him, the only other top receivers that landed in potential great spots are Marvin Harrison Jr. with the Arizona Cardinals and Xavier Worthy with the Kansas City Chiefs. Production can be different things, but it should not be too much for Coleman to be the most productive wide receiver out of all the rookies.

When you have a quarterback who can throw it the length of the football field, it is up to the receiver to get the opportunity to make a big play. Coleman has the talent to make a lot of plays for the Bills and ultimately, he very well could be a steal for the Bills if he pans out. His rookie season will be a good tone setter for his career.