2 Buffalo Bills who could be trade candidates before 2024 season

There may be even more battles come training camp than fans, media, or the team thought there would be just one month ago.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Tight end Dawson Knox

With Dalton Kincaid breaking out as the 2023 season progressed, Dawson Knox’s production decreased. With a big contract already given to a TE2, and the two tight end sets failing last season, there isn’t a way Knox can stay on this roster with that large of a contract.

Brandon Beane bet on Knox and paid him early with the hope of Knox outplaying his contract. However, that just hasn’t been the case. Since signing his deal in 2022, Knox has totaled 703 yards and eight touchdowns on 70 receptions. During that time, he’s only played in 27 games and hasn’t had more than 98 yards in a game. 

The Bills will be able to garner more than a late-round pick like Morrow. With eight draft picks in 2025, Buffalo will be able to continue their mini rebuild with added draft picks from a potential Dawson Knox deal. 

As for Brandon Beane, it would take a lot to deal a former draft pick that had some early success in the league. He’s done it before, but it would have to be an offer that “blows him away” and makes sense for the team. However, with Dalton Kincaid in town, Knox never really found his footing again in the offense. He hasn’t shied away from trading players in August, and we could see it again this year.