2 Buffalo Bills players facing an uncertain future after the Draft

As the 2024 NFL Draft has came and went, and so has some players futures with the Buffalo Bills.
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Tommy Doyle

Doyle had the attention of most of the fanbase in his rookie season, with many hoping he’d become a starter very quickly. However, two season-ending injuries derailed his career, and the Bills offensive line is much deeper than it was when Doyle was a rookie.

Any chance he had at making the roster may have been shot out of the window considering the Bills drafted three linemen and signed another two in free agency, not to mention the front office really likes both Alec Anderson and Ryan Van Demark as backups. If Doyle can stay healthy, there’s no question he can provide a team with nice Guard/Tackle play, but it may not end up being for the Bills anymore. 

Again, the Bills could trade Doyle to a team that just lost a lineman, but much like Hamlin, they probably won’t garner more than a sixth or seventh-round draft pick. The Bills line is super deep for the first time in years, which is more of the reason why Doyle’s roster status is in doubt than his play on the football field. If he can stay healthy through this summer, he’ll give another team a reason to bring him on to their active roster and help his status in the league.