2 Buffalo Bills players facing an uncertain future after the Draft

As the 2024 NFL Draft has came and went, and so has some players futures with the Buffalo Bills.
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Damar Hamlin

Everyone’s favorite player may not be viewed the same way by the team. They already have their four presumed Safeties in Cole Bishop, Mike Edwards, Taylor Rapp, and Cam Lewis, leaving Hamlin, who didn’t see much playing time on defense last season, as the odd man out.

When the Bills had injuries to Poyer and Hyde last season, they never turned to Hamlin, instead calling upon Cam Lewis and Taylor Rapp as the next men up. So where does he fit into this defense now when he never even did last season? He likely doesn’t, and the Bills will more likely than not only keep four Safeties on the active roster. 

Hamlin said back in February "I think ending my career, finishing, as a Pittsburgh Steeler would be a dream, Hamlin said. "I played at Pitt so you know I was in the stadium. I played at Heinz Field probably for like eight years straight between WPIAL championships and Pitt so a dream come true would be finishing my career as a Steeler."

A trade could happen if the Steelers and Mike Tomlin feel the same way Hamlin does, or the Bills would just cut him outright. Either way, I don’t see a scenario where the Bills keep Hamlin around on the active roster again this season.