2 Bills players looking for redemption in 2024

Buffalo almost completely overhauled their wide receiver room following the 2023 season and added all across the secondary.
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Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Wide receiver Chase Claypool

The former second-round pick has bounced around after his productive rookie season in 2020. His rookie success included 873 yards and nine touchdowns, including two more touchdowns in the postseason that year. Claypool has bounced around following his 2020 campaign, being traded to the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins, before signing with Buffalo. Since leaving Pittsburgh, Claypool has played in 19 games, totaling 217 yards and one touchdown in that time. 

The Bills are hoping to get the Pittsburgh version of Claypool back. He doesn’t need to be a good starting wide receiver. Buffalo has starters. However, if they can make Claypool a productive fourth wide receiver, it would be a success for both sides. 

In a brand new wide receiver room that only has six returning wide receivers, one of them having played in a regular season game, Claypool has a great shot at making the roster. You get the sense that this is a different Chase Claypool than we have seen in Chicago, Miami, and even a little bit in Pittsburgh. The Chase Claypool we’ve been familiar with in the last three years is gone, and he is ready to take back his career. The Bills need that from him just as much as he needs that from himself.