2 Bills players looking for redemption in 2024

Buffalo almost completely overhauled their wide receiver room following the 2023 season and added all across the secondary.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Cornerback Kaiir Elam

We’ve all heard the talk about Kaiir Elam needing to take a step up this season. The question remains, what role does Elam have in this secondary? Well, we know Christian Benford and Rasul Douglas are the starters. However, that means the third cornerback role is up for grabs, and Elam has the best chance at winning it. 

Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott drafted Elam for a reason. That reason wasn’t to sit on the bench or be on the sidelines. After two seasons of disappointment and questions about his roster status, Elam is coming in to prove himself in 2024. This job is Elam’s for the taking. Between injuries and healthy scratches, the former first-round pick played in only three games last season. The Bills are counting on him this year, and for the first time, he doesn’t have a battle with multiple other corners to get rotational snaps. 

There’s no question he can play. He just couldn’t get on the field. With a thinner secondary in 2024, they’ll have to rely on Elam to make plays. 

Behind the top two corners are Kaiir Elam, Ja’Marcus Ingram, Kyron Brown, Keni-H Lovely, and Te’Cory Couch. Not to rule any of them out of a roster spot, but they don’t have as good of a chance as Elam does at the third spot.