2 Bills players looking for redemption in 2024

Buffalo almost completely overhauled their wide receiver room following the 2023 season and added all across the secondary.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Training camp is fast approaching and the Buffalo Bills are coming off an offseason where they dismantled a lot of their roster. Some important players, and some overpaid backups. However, one thing's for certain. They need these new players to step up, and not just recent acquisitions either. The Bills will rely heavily on players who couldn’t make the starting lineup last year. 

This summer will be a great showcase for a lot of this team. Buffalo almost completely overhauled their wide receiver room following last season and added multiple pieces in the secondary. Unless you’re already a proven veteran on this roster, your job isn’t safe. Now for any players on the Bills who had a down year last year, they will need to come back better and stronger. 

One thing we’ve seen from Brandon Beane, though, is he finds value in anybody. A low draft pick, an undrafted free agent, or an unknown free agent. The Bills shopped around for value this winter/spring, and they found exactly what they wanted. It likely won’t be pretty to begin the season, but this new group of talent will mesh just fine over time. 

So, where do they go from here? They’ll likely be asking players who had a down year in Buffalo to take a step up, either high draft picks or players who came in from a down year. I can sit here and name 10 players who are looking for redemption in 2024 and make a strong case for all of them. However, let’s just focus on two players and why this summer is so crucial for them.