This Week's Game Against the Chiefs: Make or Break for the Bills' Playoff Hopes

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jason Hanna/GettyImages
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Buffalo has closed out each of the last three seasons with no less than four straight wins

We've all compared this season to 2021, when the Bills were sitting at 7 - 6 and the fans were calling for Dabol's firing but instead, Buffalo went on a tear and closed out the season with four consecutive wins and two epic playoff games. What you may not know is that this team has done the same thing each of the last three seasons. In 2020, they finished the regular season with six straight wins, and last year, they finished with an incredible seven in a row.

Can the 2023 version of the Buffalo Bills do the same? If so, this would be a great time to start that win streak. I believe they can get this done and the Chiefs aren't the same formidable foe that we've seen in years past. Yes, they still have Mahomes and Kelce, but the offense is a shell of what we're used to, and this year's Bills offensive line is by far their best, which is huge against the Chiefs pass rush.

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