Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons to worry about Dorian Williams

Buffalo Bills, Dorian Williams (Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports)
Buffalo Bills, Dorian Williams (Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Buffalo Bills, Dorian Williams
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Reasons to worry about Buffalo Bills rookie Dorian Williams: Late to recognize run plays

Another area Williams will be cause for concern is against the run. Not to say he’s not good enough to make the tackle or wrap up NFL backs, because that’s not true. But, it’s in the technical and mental side of things where Williams can struggle, and that typically isn’t an area that can be improved quickly, especially coming from the collegiate level and transitioning to the pros.

Williams’ scouting reports will talk about how he can be late to recognize run plays, and often choose the wrong gaps to attack, missing out on the play completely. He is great in space and in pursuit, but closer to the line of scrimmage, he can be late to recognize, and that will bite him in a big way going against AFC East competition.

Just think about it. The New England Patriots love running the football and possess an aggressive, downhill runner in Rhamondre Stevenson. The Miami Dolphins run the ball in a variety of ways and Mike McDaniel loves getting creative with his backs. He is anything but orthodox in his offense. Then, you have the Jets who have one of the best, young backs in the game in Breece Hall.

Williams is going to have to do a lot of studying, a lot of extra practicing and honing in on his skills, mentally.