Buffalo Bills Rumors: Von Miller pours fuel on the fire for DeAndre Hopkins trade

Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

For much of the 2023 NFL offseason, one of the biggest rumors in reference to the Buffalo Bills has been the possibility of the organization adding Arizona Cardinals veteran wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins via trade.

Things looked great for the two sides to get a deal done, as Vegas loved the odds for Buffalo to land the star wideout, but then the momentum seemed to fizzle out.

Just a few days ago, though, Bills star pass rusher Von Miller went on record talking about the idea of Hopkins coming to Buffalo, or so we figured.

Miller was quoted on The Pat McAfree Show saying, “word on the street is that we might be getting another big time weapon.”

Tuesday, Miller appeared live on CBS Sports HQ and again added even more fuel to the fire.

Von Miller desperately wants the Buffalo Bills to land DeAndre Hopkins

“It would be great … it just means a little bit more when your guys have an opportunity to play for a team that you’re on,” Miller told CBS Sports HQ.

It’s clear that Miller and Hopkins are good friends, and that the pass rusher wanted either Odell Beckham Jr. or Hopkins this offseason. With Beckham off the board, signing with the Baltimore Ravens, the other option is now the only option between the two.

“He knows we want ’em to be there, and we know he wants to be a Buffalo Bill.”

For Miller to say that he knows Hopkins wants to be in Buffalo is saying something, that’s for sure. Although, we did see Hopkins’ facial expression a few days ago when he was given the idea, on camera, of playing for the Bills.

He was clearly intrigued by it, to say the least.

With the draft opening shortly, you have to wonder if the two sides have a deal in place, but are waiting to see who is on the board with the pick Arizona would be receiving from Buffalo.

Bills Mafia could be just hours away from seeing DeAndre Hopkins joining Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen in wha would be a potentially league-leading offense in 2023.

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