5 draft moves to finally get the Buffalo Bills to a Super Bowl

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Buffalo Bills trade up in the second round of 2023 NFL Draft to select Jalin Hyatt

To recap Day 2 of the NFL Draft in the moves the Buffalo Bills need to make to reach the Super Bowl, they trade for a veteran wide receiver to then trade away their starting wide receiver from last year. However, they shouldn’t be done there and the next move is to trade up into the second round to select wide receiver Jalin Hyatt.

The reason the Buffalo Bills would need to put so much emphasis on the wide receiver position and make the moves they do is to have a group of wide receivers that complement each other very well with different skill sets.

Stefon Diggs is still the clear number one wide receiver but now defenses can’t focus on him as much with DeAndre Hopkins in this offense. The Bills also have the flexibility to move Hopkins or Diggs inside to the slot to create matchups they can take advantage of.

However, Jalin Hyatt is what really makes this passing attack a complete nightmare for opposing defenses. Neither DeAndre Hopkins or Stefon Diggs has the speed to force defenses to play further back and defend the deep ball.

Hyatt though in this offense will force opposing secondaries to play deeper and this opens up so much of the field for the veteran receivers of Diggs and Hopkins to work the underneath routes.