Buffalo Bills Draft: 5 tight-ends the Bills could target in 2023 NFL Draft

Darnell Washington (Syndication: Online Athens)
Darnell Washington (Syndication: Online Athens) /
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Top 2023 tight end prospects for the Buffalo Bills: Darnell Washington, Georgia

Darnell Washington is making a case to be my number one tight end in this draft class.  The more I read and the more video I watch, the harder it is for Dalton Kincaid to hold that spot.  At 6’7″ and weighing over 260 pounds, Washington is an incredibly intriguing prospect.

Washington is not simply a big man, he’s ridiculously athletic.  According to Next Gen Stats, he scored an athleticism 91.  He recorded a 40-time of 4.64 and while there are tight ends that ran faster, none were over 260 pounds.

Washington played in 33 games throughout his collegiate career but only totaled 1,25 snaps, so despite playing since 2020 as a freshman, he’s still relatively inexperienced.  What he brings to an offense is elite blocking, with power but also a massive red zone threat too but he was not asked to be a significant part of the Bulldogs’ passing game, producing only 43 career receptions.

Can he excel in the passing game, if nothing more, he gives you the ability to be unpredictable in the red zone, where he can either help lead Josh Allen on those power sweeps into the end zone, Harris up the gut or maybe play action and hit him in the end zone.  Either way, Washington offers a ton of flexibility.

One more thing, Washington reminds me a lot of a former Bills tight end, turned left tackle, Jason Peters.  Could Washington be that guy?  Could the Bills draft him and make him their next offensive tackle?  They could.