Buffalo Bills Draft: 5 tight-ends the Bills could target in 2023 NFL Draft

Darnell Washington (Syndication: Online Athens)
Darnell Washington (Syndication: Online Athens) /
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Last season, the Buffalo Bills signed brought in veteran tight end O.J. Howard and utilized two tight end sets in pre-season and early in the season; however, it didn’t work out for whatever reason and Howard was ultimately released.

As we approach the 2023 NFL Draft, the Bills currently have two tight ends on the roster, Quentin Morris, starter Dawson Knox and Zach Davidson.  Don’t be worried if you’ve never heard about Davidson, you’re not alone.

Some of the mock drafts have slotted a tight end to the Bills with the 27th pick of the NFL Draft.  I’m not sure if I’m sold on such a move; however, depending on who was available, I could get on board with this idea.

Giving Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills offense another weapon is never a bad idea

Bills fans want more weapons for Josh Allen, and while I am convinced we have adequate weapons on the roster, you can never have too many and adding one of the elite tight ends from this draft could be a huge asset.

Running two tight end sets with the likes of Knox and let’s say, Dalton Kincaid, who’s been said to have a Travis Kelce-type skill set, along with Gave Davis and Stefon Diggs on the outside or perhaps Khalil Shakir and Diggs, lots of options and flexibility.  Then add either James Cook or Damien Harris in the backfield and I think you have defenses guessing.

This draft has been said to be one of the best tight classes in years, so even if the Bills don’t grab one in the first round, what are the options?  We’re going to take a look at five tight ends the Bills could target in this draft, whether that be round one or sometime later.