4 wide receivers that the Buffalo Bills could trade for in 2023 offseason

DeAndre Hopkins (Syndication: Arizona Republic)
DeAndre Hopkins (Syndication: Arizona Republic) /
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Could the Buffalo Bills look to make a trade for a wide receiver this offseason?

The Buffalo Bills will likely try to improve the wide receiver position this offseason after inconsistent play by Gabe Davis and Isaiah McKenzie this past year. The team tried to bring in veterans like John Brown and Cole Beasley to try and get through the season but it would make sense to look elsewhere for the 2023 season.

While the team certainly could add wide receivers in the 2023 NFL Draft, it would probably make more sense to bring in a veteran or a player who can contribute right away without much of a learning curve. There are free agents that could be potential options but the best chance to add an impact wide receiver that can take some pressure off Stefon Diggs, might actually be in a trade.

There is no question that trading for a wide receiver comes with its own challenges as the two teams have to agree on compensation and the Bills likely would need to do a lot to fit some of these bigger contracts into their salary cap.

However, it might be the direction to make a notable improvement to a key position of this offense.