Buffalo Bills: 5 offseason moves to limit Josh Allen’s turnovers

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Buffalo Bills, Steve Avila
Buffalo Bills, Steve Avila (Getty Images) /

Buffalo Bills moves to help Josh Allen limit turnovers: Draft TCU C Steve Avila

First of all, the Bills are cash-strapped this offseason. While Mitch Morse is a very good player, he’s also set to be 31 years old and get paid over $11 million in 2022. By virtue of doing what’s best for the cap, at this point, the Bills could cut Morse and save over $6 million in the process.

If they decided to cut Morse, then going younger and replacing him via the draft would be the way to go. To replace Morse, the Bills could go after TCU center Steve Avila. Right now, Avila is projected similarly to Vorhees, in that he’s going to be a Day 2 or high Day 3 pick, if the Bills are lucky.

Avila has been around for a while as he’s a redshirt senior, but his experience is also something that will bode well in the pros. The 6-foot-4, 330-pound center could step right into being a starting center for the Bills and do a good job in doing so.

Avila’s best trait is his strength and physicality. He can handle those strong bull rushers with ease, taking the pressure off Allen in passing situations. He has a harder time with speed rushers, but if he sticks right at center and not guard, then chances are, he’ll face the bigger, stronger guys and that’s where he makes his living.