Eli Apple has no business trolling the Buffalo Bills on social media

Buffalo Bills, Eli Apple (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Eli Apple (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

Nothing about this past week has made it any easier to be a Buffalo Bills fan. We’re already watching a team that’s never won a Super Bowl, come into a season as Super Bowl favorites, and get dominated in a playoff loss only to head back to the drawing board.

But, throw some salt on the wound and that makes it even worse.

After losing to the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Divisional Round, the Bills saw one of the Bengals players opt for the less classy route. Cincinnati cornerback Eli Apple had a little extra for these Bills after the Bengals came away victorious.

Before we get to Apple’s comments, we have to set the stage. Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs was shown throwing his arms up in frustration right in front of his quarterback Josh Allen, during the game on Sunday. Allen was staring down at his tablet and did not acknowledge Diggs’ frustration. Obviously, it was a heated moment during a loss where two teammates were simply frustrated.

Following the game, Apple retweeted a video of Diggs upset with Allen on the sideline, saying, “Someone get them in couples therapy … I’ll pay.”

The classlessness from Eli Apple towards the Buffalo Bills didn’t stop there, however

If you thought that snarky comment was bad, take a look at this.


Apple insinuated the Bills were headed for an early vacation while also using Damar Hamlin’s number and his signature hand gesture in the form of a heart. To say that he crossed the line would be an understatement.

Real quickly, let’s just say this: Apple has no business throwing shade. At least, he’d be justified in throwing some shade if he were a better player.

Apple has played for four teams since being drafted in the first round back in 2016, bouncing around and never truly living up to his draft status.

During the 2022 regular season, Apple allowed an opposing passer rating of 96.9. By comparison, Tre’Davious White allowed a passer rating of 75.8 — over 20 points less — and he wasn’t even completely himself this year after coming back from injury.

This is a player who has never made a Pro Bowl, has never been a thought in the All Pro discussion, and is more of a journeyman than a staple in a defense.

Without crossing any lines here ourselves, let’s just put it this way: Apple needs to keep his mouth shut. His play, as a whole, gives him no right to brag.

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