Updated NFL Draft Order: What picks do Buffalo Bills have?

Now that the Buffalo Bills season is officially over, it’s time to start looking ahead to what comes next.

First of all, it’s totally okay to take a step back and catch your breath. Bills Mafia has been through a lot this year, both on and off the field ranging from stressful games to truly unprecedented real life moments. Bills fans watched thrilling comebacks like Week 4 against the Ravens and crushing blown leads like against the Vikings, as well as experiencing a historic blizzard and everything that happened with Damar Hamlin.

Simply put, this season has been a lot.

But the future is still bright, and the end of this season is simply the beginning of putting together a potential Super Bowl run next year. The dust will settle eventually, and when it does the Bills have a handful of decisions to make this offseason that will impact the future.

Free agency is the first key step, with Buffalo looking at as many as 10 key players set to hit the open market. But the NFL Draft is also on the horizon, and now that the Bills are out of the playoffs it’s time to start shifting into draft mode.

Buffalo Bills NFL Draft picks 2023

Now that the Bills are out of the playoffs, their NFL Draft position is set. Because the draft isn’t totally set until the playoffs are over, because at that point records don’t matter like they do for non-playoff teams, the Bills didn’t know where in the first round the front office should start doing homework.

Buffalo will pick No. 28 in the first round this year, which isn’t totally ideal but not surprising either. Bills fans were fully prepared to watch the team pick No. 31 overall, which will be the last pick in the first round this year thanks to the Dolphins forfeiting their pick due to that whole offseason scandal with Brian Flores.

What the Bills can do now, though, is start looking at players who might be available in the late first-round range and start deciding on a strategy. Buffalo could stick at No. 28 and see what prospect falls in its lap or start looking at ways to trade back and collect more picks.

There’s also a world where the Bills trade up in the draft, but given the cap situation and the pending free agents they’ll need to handle, moving out of the first-round seems like the likeliest move.