Buffalo Bills News: Salty Bengals fans must face reality

Buffalo Bills, NFL Playoffs (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, NFL Playoffs (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

This weekend’s Divisional Round contest between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals should give fans exactly what they longed for a few weeks ago.

It will be the matchup we were all looking forward to hopefully being the best prime time game of the year, but turned tragic in mere seconds. Of course, the injury to Damar Hamlin overshadowed anything and everything else that could have happened or had happened to that point in the game.

This weekend, though, the two teams get a chance at a rematch. However, instead, it will be played in Buffalo versus Cincinnati, where the regular season matchup was scheduled.

Because that initial game was canceled by the NFL, both teams played one-less game during the regular season. thus, Buffalo ended the year 13-3 and Cincinnati 12-4, giving the Bills the edge in terms of winning percentage. For that reason, Buffalo is hosting this game.

However, some Cincinnati fans (and football fans, media in general) don’t seem to understand this reality.

Cincinnati Bengals fans, media and others against the Buffalo Bills hosting their Divisional matchup need to wake up and face reality.

Sports are full of “would’ve” and “could’ve” moments. We all know this. At the end of many games, fans and players alike can blame a loss on one particular play or missed call. It’s easy to do. Sometimes, it makes sense. But, in the end, one team didn’t make enough plays. It’s that simple.

In this instance, the Bengals did not win enough games prior to their matchup with Buffalo. Sure, they were leading just 7-3 when the game was called. But, that’s not necessarily how the game would have ended. If you’re going to use the score, at the time, for your argument, just take a look at how “calling game” worked for some Chargers fans last weekend.

We can talk all day long about what would have happened had the game been played instead of being canceled altogether. There are several scenarios which could have played out, including the Bills taking home the outright no. 1 seed.

Certainly, an additional outcome could have included the Bengals beating Buffalo and going on to host this weekend’s contest.

But again, these are all hypotheticals. Fans and media members are not going to change a thing by whining, complaining and going on and on about what could have or should have happened in this situation.

The facts are pretty black and white.

A player nearly lost his life.

The game was canceled.

Buffalo ended the year with more wins than Cincinnati.

The end.

Let’s play the game, already.

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