Buffalo Bills News: Josh Allen should ignore talking heads like Nick Wright

Bills, Josh Allen Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Bills, Josh Allen Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Many people have New Year’s resolutions, and often times, they include something along the lines of being more positive. Bills fans, for one, have a few people they’d like to adopt such a mantra.

Last week, one of the more popular talking heads on television decided to take a jab at Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Fox Sports’ Nick Wright thinks Bills fans should be concerned about a few things. First, he wants Bills fans to question their “life choices that led them to become Bills fans.”

But secondly, and more notably, Wright believes Bills fans should be concerned about Allen. Yes, MVP candidate Josh Allen.

Nick Wright continues to harp on Bills quarterback Josh Allen week-in and week-out, but Buffalo keeps on winning.

It’s clear this guy never had a professional sports career, and never had a chance to have one. So, clearly his best option was to get on television — and bravo, Mr. Wright. You have done just that.

There are plenty of stories to cover around the NFL, but when it comes to the Bills, the story is simple: they are winning football games. They are the number one seed in the AFC.

A quarterback like Allen is rare to find, and Wright can’t get enough of poking fun at his mishaps.

But, the reality is, Allen is a top-5 quarterback in this league and has had to deal with an injury that would put most Major League pitchers out of their sport for a year. For those unfamiliar, that’s Tommy John surgery, folks.

Instead, Allen has played through his injury and sure, he’s struggled a little bit. But, Wright doesn’t want to acknowledge the injury being part of the process.

Heck, even if the injury wasn’t to blame, the Bills are still winning! Allen is still a threat every time he’s on the field!

There is no reason to continue going in on a guy like Allen, but for ratings’ sake, Wright will keep the train rolling.

For that reason, Allen should (and probably does already) ignore the talking heads like Nick Wright. Let them talk their talk, while he goes out there with his teammates and continues to win football games.

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The Bills have a phenomenal chance to shut the mouths of guys like Wright on Monday Night Football when they take on the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals. Should Allen ball out, we can’t wait to see what Wright has to say the next morning.