Bills Playoff Picture: Week 17 against Bengals could tip the scales

Buffalo Bills, Playoff Picture (Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Playoff Picture (Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images) /

We have been talking about this all-important number one seed for weeks now, and here we are, just two games to go and the Buffalo Bills still control their destiny. But, how will these final games shake out?

At 12-3, the Bills are entering the biggest game of the season — by far. It’s Monday Night Football and the Bills are traveling to take on one of the league’s hottest teams in their house.

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals can’t be stopped as of late, and this is a matchup which could completely change the playoff picture for Buffalo.

Buffalo currently holds the number one seed, but the Bengals are technically still alive for that positioning as well. At 11-4 and winners of seven in a row, Cincinnati could really make things interesting.

The Buffalo Bills have to win in Week 17 in order to avoid a nail-biting Week 18.

Here’s just how important this matchup is: if the Bills lose, their odds of landing the number one seed drop to just 15 percent, according to this playoff simulator.

Everything could be wrapped up for the Bills, potentially, if they win this game. Hypothetically, if the Chiefs were to lose to Denver (I heard that laugh) and the Bills beat Cincinnati, then they clinch the number one seed.

But, should they lose, then things become extremely murky. Let’s be real — the Chiefs are going to beat the Broncos, and probably by a million.

Then, the Chiefs’ last game of the year is against the Las Vegas Raiders. That should be another win. So, assuming as much, the Chiefs will be the AFC’s top seed if the Bills lose to the Bengals.

If the AFC is going to come down to these three teams, home-field advantage is absolutely crucial. Arrowhead is known as the loudest NFL environment there is. That’s an enormous advantage for the Chiefs. Meanwhile, Buffalo could see weather play a factor, and they’re used to it.

Then there’s Cincinnati, the reigning AFC Champions. Let’s not downplay how much home-field advantage would help them out.

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To say this is a must-win game for the Bills would be an understatement, but it’s the God’s-honest truth. The Bills win this game, and they’re likely the number one seed. If they lose, things could get real messy.