Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons Josh Allen is still a legit MVP candidate

Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Detroit Free Press)
Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Detroit Free Press) /
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As the 2022 NFL season hits the home stretch, Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are having a year that— on the surface— hasn’t looked as good as past seasons have.

That said, the Bills still have a legit MVP candidate as their quarterback in Josh Allen.

Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen is a legit MVP candidate heading into Week 14

As it stands currently, Allen ranks third in passing yards (3,406), is tied for second in passing TDs (25), and third in QBR (75.1).

When it comes to passing yards, the only two QBs to have him beat are Patrick Mahomes (3,808) and Joe Burrow (3,446).

And while it’s not great to be third in passing yards, there’s a clear reason for that. Neither of those two quarterbacks are as reliable as Josh Allen is in the run game.

Sure, Sean McDermott doesn’t want Allen to run as much as he does, but that doesn’t deny the fact that Josh Allen has fewer passing yards because of that.

As for TDs, Allen is tied with Joe Burrow with 25 passing TDs, while Patrick Mahomes leads quarterbacks with 30 passing TDs.

Now, if the MVP was given tomorrow, Patrick Mahomes would win.

And when looking at any sportsbook, Patrick Mahomes is the current favorite across the board for this award.

That being said, there are still five games to be played, and anything could happen in those five games.

The last thing that should be noted about MVP is that it’s an award for the most valuable player.

While that does often lump in the best player in the league, the biggest factor to this question on who should win is this: Which player provided the most value to their team throughout the season?

Does that oftentimes include the best player in the league? Yes, but being the best player in the league shouldn’t automatically be defined as being the most valuable player.

So, it was prefaced that there were three reasons that Josh Allen is still a legit MVP candidate. Let’s get into it.