The Buffalo Bills officially lose Von Miller for the rest of the season

Von Miller, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports)
Von Miller, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports) /

In what was expected to be an “exploratory surgery” on Dec. 6, Von Miller— and the Buffalo Bills— learned that his season was over.

There was hope he’d be able to come back after missing a game or two, but after the exploratory surgery, it was revealed that Miller had torn his ACL in the Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions.

Buffalo Bills’ Von Miller is out for the 2022-23 season with a torn ACL

Up to his departure, Von Miller was having an impressive 2022 season.

Given the fact that Miller is 33 years old, his eight sacks in 11 games was nothing to bat an eye at.

Sure, he might not be playing at his Defensive Player of the Year level, but after only five sacks the year before with the Los Angeles Rams, a resurgence year was something the Buffalo Bills were thankful for up to this point.

Now, however, Von Miller’s season is over; and the Buffalo Bills will need to rely on the next guy—or guys— up to do their best Von Miller impression for the remainder of the season.

The Bills are still one of the AFC favorites for winning the Super Bowl, however, now with Von Miller sidelined indefinitely, there’s more pressure on the rest of the team to finish the year by hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

The Buffalo Bills’ journey to the Super Bowl now becomes more difficult, however, if Josh Allen and the Bills’ offense can continue doing what it’s done for the majority of this season, all hope isn’t gone.

All-in-all, losing Von Miller for the season is likely the last thing the Bills wanted, but it’s not certain to be the final nail in the coffin for the Bills.

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The light dimmed significantly by losing Von Miller, but if other players on the Bills’ defense can step up, the Buffalo Bills still have quite the chance of being able to call this season a victory.