Buffalo Bills run game was always there but play-calling was not

Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

The past few weeks, the Buffalo Bills offense has had great balance with a run game to complement Josh Allen and the passing game. This was something that the Bills were trying to find for most of the season and based on the past few games, it has always been there but the commitment to establish the run hasn’t been.

In the first five games of the season, Devin Singletary had double-digit carries only once. During that stretch, Singletary averaged only eight carries per game, 34.2 yards per game, and an average of 4.2 yards per carry.

However, starting in Week 6 against the Kansas City Chiefs the Bills increased Singletary’s workload and the offense started to get some semblance of a run game. In the past six games, Singletary had double-digit carries in five of those games.

The production also dramatically increased as Singletary would average 14 carries per game, 63.5 yards per game with a slight increase in yards per carry up to 4.5 yards. He also has found the end zone three times in the past three games.

Josh Allen can’t always do it on his own for the Buffalo Bills

There have certainly been times over the past few years when Josh Allen looks like he can do it all for the offense. However, when he has struggled the offense has come to almost a complete halt.

The Bills have needed some run game to help balance the offense and take some of the pressure off their star quarterback.

In the past few weeks, the Bills have seemed to find that perfect balance where 14 carries to Devin Singletary is enough for him to get close to 80 rushing yards, and take some pressure off Josh Allen while keeping defenses honest.

The Buffalo Bills have seen the success they have had when they give Devin Singeltary around 15 carries per game and there is no reason for them to stop moving forward.