Week 10 grades for the Buffalo Bills against the Minnesota Vikings

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There were big questions about whether or not Josh Allen would be available this week after he had only one limited practice this week due to an elbow injury. However, once the game got going it didn’t appear the injury impacted Allen much at all and he threw for 330 yards and completed 67% of his passes while picking up 84 rushing yards with one passing touchdown.

The concern is the turnovers as Allen once again threw two interceptions, which is the third straight game that has occurred. What makes matters even more concerning is where the turnovers are happening as almost all since the bye has been in the end zone or near the end zone.

The issue more times than not is Josh Allen seems to be pressing to make the big play versus settling for a check down or the safe play. This is certainly correctable and will be a point of emphasis for the coaching staff this week.

Grade: C+

Running Back

The fact that Josh Allen was dealing with the elbow injury it seemed like this might be the chance for the offense to finally establish the run and take some of the pressure off their franchise quarterback.

It appeared to be heading that way early as Devin Singletary was a key part with two rushing touchdowns on the first three drives. However, the playcalling seemed to abandon the run, particularly in the second half. This was surprising considering the Bills were up and probably in a position to try and burn some clock.

Singletary finished the game with only 47 rushing yards on 13 carries and James Cook added 22 rushing yards on five carries.

Grade: B