Buffalo Bills atop the AFC after win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6

Buffalo Bills (Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills (Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills moved to 5-1 on the season after their impressive 24-20 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The win not only kept them atop the AFC East but they are now the top team in the conference after six weeks and heading into their bye.

While there is plenty left to be decided this season, the win over the Kansas City Chiefs gives them the inside track for that top seed in the AFC. If the Bills were to get the number one seed, they would earn a first round bye and also be guaranteed home-field advantage in the playoffs.

In the last two seasons, the Buffalo Bills are 3-0 at home in the playoffs but 0-2 when going on the road. If the Bills are able to secure home field throughout the playoffs it will put them in a great position to reach the Super Bowl for the first time since the mid-1990s.

Who is the biggest threat for the Buffalo Bills in the AFC?

The biggest threat to the Buffalo Bills is probably the team they just beat in the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Bills did come away with the win, it was a very close game and there was only a handful of plays that decided the outcome.

However, the Chiefs aren’t the only 4-2 team in the AFC and the other team might be a surprise as the New York Jets are also 4-2. They have won three straight with wins over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, and Green Bay Packers.

Their defense has been helping to fuel this win streak as the Jets have allowed only 15.6 points per game during that stretch.

The Buffalo Bills have a bye this week before a home game against the Green Bay Packers before going on the road to face the New York Jets. This is a game that could carry significant implications for the AFC East if the Jets continue to win.