4 defensive players that will need to deliver for the Buffalo Bills in Week 6

Greg Rousseau, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Greg Rousseau, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /
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Buffalo Bills
Von Miller, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

Von Miller and Greg Rousseau

The duo of Von Miller and Greg Rousseau will have to have a huge impact on this game if the Buffalo Bills want to slow the buzzsaw of an offense down. The Bills in the past two years have struggled to get Mahomes to ground leading him to escape and make his usual unbelievable play outside of the pocket.

Von Miller and Greg Rousseau have to be able to get to Mahomes and bring him down, wrapping his arms will be critical as he still can make plays while going to the ground if his throwing arm is free.

The stunts from the defensive line have to be able to confuse the Chiefs’ offensive line leading to unblocked blitzes that Mahomes thought the protection would pick up. The defensive line has to do a great job mirroring Mahomes not letting him get out of the pocket this is where Mahomes strives and makes jaw-dropping plays.

Rush lanes must be crisp not allowing Mahomes to get free and pick up an easy first down. If the Bills can stay in their lanes while creating pressure with the interior, it will free up Miller and Rousseau on the edges allowing them to get to Mahomes which disrupts the offense.