3 Buffalo Bills who shined in preseason shutout to Carolina Panthers

Raheem Blackshear, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Raheem Blackshear, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /
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Buffalo Bills wrap up the preseason on Friday night against the Carolina Panthers. Here’s who shined. 

That’s all folks. After an impressive victory over the Denver Broncos last weekend, the Bills concluded the preseason surrendering a shutout to the Carolina Panthers.

A 14-0 halftime lead quickly grew to a 21-0 lead after a Sam Darnold touchdown run, effectively ending Buffalo’s streak of 10 straight preseason victories.

The Bills struggled to obtain any semblance of a competent offense throughout the game. Penalties, drops, inaccurate passes, and poor offensive line play doomed the offense from the start.

Defensively, Buffalo’s backups did little to impress. There were a handful of instances where Panther’s starting quarterback, Baker Mayfield, connected with wide-open receivers. Even backup Sam Darnold led a scoring drive against the second-team defense before leaving the game with an ankle injury.

Thankfully, the preseason is not indicative of regular season success. And although Buffalo’s performance was uninspiring, three Buffalo Bills stood out among the rest.

Which three Buffalo Bills shined in its preseason finale?