4 questions for the Buffalo Bills against the Denver Broncos

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Who returns kicks for the Buffalo Bills?

One of the positions that really hasn’t had much clarity over the past few weeks is who is the return specialist for the Buffalo Bills this year. On the initial depth chart, it was Tavon Austin as the starting punt returner and Isaiah McKenzie as the starting kickoff return specialist.

However, neither player played in the first preseason game and the coaching staff rotated a number of players through both spots. The one player who seemed to be the most effective though was Raheem Blackshear, the undrafted free agent signing this offseason.

Blackshear had two kickoff returns and one punt return for a total of 78 yards.

In this game, it will be interesting to see if Austin and McKenzie are the first players out there for returns and if the coaching staff follows the initial depth chart. Or has someone like Blackshear moved up and forced some shuffling of the depth chart after his performance last week?