Brandon Beane talks about the impact of Von Miller on the Buffalo Bills

Von Miller, Los Angeles Rams(Syndication: The Enquirer)
Von Miller, Los Angeles Rams(Syndication: The Enquirer) /

Brandon Beane was recently on The Jim Rome Show and talked about what impact Von Miller is going to have on the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills entered this offseason with what appeared to be limited cap space and this would limit their ability to make a splash in free agency.

However, this didn’t stop Brandon Beane as he signed arguably one of the top free agents this year in pass rusher Von Miller to a six-year, $120 million contract. The structure of the contract is what made this move possible as he has a cap hit just over $5 million for this year, according to Spotrac.

Von Miller is going to have an impact on and off the field for the Buffalo Bills

On Tuesday, general manager Brandon Beane was on The Jim Rome Show and was asked about this free agent signing. The Bills’ general manager mentioned a few key impacts that he expects Miller is going to have on this team.

On the field, Beane equated him to a closer in baseball:

"“There were a couple of guys that we said are potential, I will call them closers to use a baseball term. We wanted to upgrade our pass rush. We felt like we had a steady rush last year but some of the biggest games we couldn’t get the quarterback to ground. There was some times we needed that big moment, somebody to make that sack and Von is obviously a proven Hall of Famer.”"

Beane went on to highlight Miller’s performance down the stretch for the Rams and how he was a big part of Los Angeles’ winning the Super Bowl. One of the big storylines from that Super Bowl was the pressure the Rams were able to get on the quarterback and Von Miller was a big part of that with two of the team’s seven sacks.

Beane would go on to talk about the impact past the box score of adding a player like Von Miller, highlighting his Super Bowl experience and how that can help a team.

"You talk about adding a guy to your team that has won a Super Bowl twice. That right there is invaluable."

It was also interesting to hear him compare Von Miller to Stefon Diggs in terms of the impact they can have on the other players. Adding a star like Diggs or Miller, it takes the pressure off some of the younger players and puts them in a position to be successful with opposing teams having to put so much attention on those players.

Gabriel Davis talked about that earlier this year after the Kansas City Chiefs game. While Davis set the record for receiving touchdowns, he wouldn’t have been in that position if the Chiefs weren’t so focused on ensuring Stefon Diggs didn’t beat them.

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The addition of Von Miller doesn’t guarantee the Buffalo Bills a Super Bowl but there is no question that it certainly improved their chances.