4 teams that could land Mitchell Trubisky in free agency

Josh Allen, Mitchell Trubisky, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports)
Josh Allen, Mitchell Trubisky, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Mitchell Trubisky
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Mitchell Trubisky Landing Spot No. 4: Seattle Seahawks

After losing one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks in Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks are seemingly in their rebuild stage, as they also released their superstar linebacker Bobby Wagner.

With a rebuild being a legitimate possibility, having a quarterback that can be a good locker room guy without breaking the bank could be what the Seahawks look for, and by looking for that, Mitchell Trubisky could absolutely be that guy.

Now, Trubisky likely won’t join Seattle and immediately make the impact Russell Wilson made, but if they bring him in, they could absolutely draft a quarterback with the first-round pick they received from Denver for Russell Wilson. That’s with the opinion that Drew Lock isn’t what the Seahawks feel gives them what they need, which is definitely possible given his lackluster beginning to the career.

Having a rookie quarterback from this class, which has been said to be less explosive than years prior, learn behind Mitchell Trubisky– or at least compete with him for the starting job– could be the move Seattle makes.

As has been seen since Trubisky was drafted No. 2 overall, he lacks some of the capabilities that most top-of-the-draft quarterbacks have, but he’s nothing short of a true competitor.

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After all that happened in his time with the Chicago Bears, Trubisky has a lot to provide to a team looking to rebuild their roster, and for that reason, Seattle would definitely be better than what’s there currently.