4 teams that could land Mitchell Trubisky in free agency

Josh Allen, Mitchell Trubisky, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports)
Josh Allen, Mitchell Trubisky, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Buffalo Bills
Mitchell Trubisky, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports) /

During Mitchell Trubisky’s time with the Chicago Bears, there didn’t seem to be a consensus opinion on whether Trubisky was the problem or if the Chicago Bears were the problem. That being said, the Chicago Bears let Trubisky test the market in 2021, which is when the Buffalo Bills decided to pick him up for a year on a pretty cheap deal.

With Trubisky’s contract up in Buffalo, his next destination is up in the air.

Spending this year in Buffalo backing up Josh Allen– one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks– was likely a good move for the former No. 2 pick to let the dust settle a little, as the buzz around his name in Chicago was rarely positive.

It’s unclear on whether Mitchell Trubisky can be “the guy” after having a shaky start in Chicago and spending a year in Buffalo as a backup, but there are certainly teams that need a quarterback for the upcoming season.

And with the free agency period being wild thus far with Russell Wilson heading to Denver, Carson Wentz heading to Washington, and Aaron Rodgers staying put in Green Bay, the quarterback market is one of the hotter position markets this free agency.

Along with that, this year’s draft pool of quarterbacks isn’t very close to last season’s, where three quarterbacks were drafted with the first three picks, five in the first round alone.

Now, what I think will happen with the Bills’ former backup is that a team could scoop him up in free agency and then draft a quarterback in this year’s draft. As I said, this year’s QB class isn’t nearly as strong as last season, so the likelihood of these quarterbacks being NFL-ready in year one isn’t as likely as years before.

So, with Mitchell Trubisky still having a potentially high ceiling as an NFL quarterback, I’d be shocked if there weren’t a handful of teams inquiring about what he’s looking for in his next contract.

Out of that handful, there are four teams that I believe could be a good fit for Mitchell Trubisky, and here’s the first one.