Buffalo Bills reportedly lose OL coach Bobby Johnson to the Giants

Bobby Johnson, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Rochester)
Bobby Johnson, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Rochester) /

The New York Giants added Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll over the past few weeks to be their new general manager and head coach, respectively. However, this appears to be just the beginning and not the end of coaches and players leaving Buffalo to join the NFC East team.

On Monday, it was reported by Michael Silver that the next coach to head down the New York State Thruway was offensive line coach Bobby Johnson, who is taking the same role on the Giants coaching staff.

Buffalo Bills have another coaching role to address this offseason

Johnson joined the Buffalo Bills in 2019 and has spent the past three years as the team’s offensive line coach. This past year may have been one of his most challenging but by the end of the year was able to help put together a good offensive line that included Ryan Bates, who got a chance to start for the first time in his career.

Prior to joining the Bills, Bobby Johnson had stops with the Indianapolis Colts, Raiders, Detroit Lions, and Jacksonville Jaguars as either tight end coach or as an offensive line coach.

It was interesting to see that Bobby Johnson was reportedly hired for the same coaching role with the New York Giants as it is rare to see a coach make a lateral move between teams. If it is a lateral move, his current team can block that move unless he is no longer under contract.

This appears to be the case as Patricia Traina with Sports Illustrated tweeted that there were reports his contract expired.

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The past few years, the Buffalo Bills have been fortunate in that there haven’t been many changes for their coaching staff. However, Sean McDermott appears he will have multiple roles that he will need to address over the next few weeks, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.