Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen a big concern according to KC Chiefs expert

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) /
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2) The Chiefs finished the regular season winning nine of their final 10 games with the only loss being against the Bengals. What do you think the Buffalo Bills could take from that game that could help them come away with the win?

Matt Conner: The Chiefs were oddly stubborn in that game as if they refused to believe Cincy could keep doing what they were doing. They challenged Joe Burrow to accurately hit his receivers outside the numbers on lower-percentage throws and offered little support to the corners tasked with defending those throws. When Joe Burrow kept hitting Ja’Marr Chase for four quarters, suddenly the Chiefs looked up at the scoreboard as the losing team and Chase had set a receiving record.

That’s been the story at times of the Chiefs’ lowest points this season overall: a stubbornness to change the approach (especially on defense). They played Dan Sorensen at safety over Juan Thornhill for weeks to start the year (including against Buffalo in Week 5). They kept trying Chris Jones outside when he was so much more dominant inside. You get the drift.

How the Bills can use this is hard to say. Their talent presents enough of a challenge that they don’t need to necessarily pull from anything the Bengals did.

3) What has changed for Patrick Mahomes since the last time the Buffalo Bills played the Chiefs?

Matt Conner: Mahomes was forcing a far greater share of mistakes back in early October and in the season’s first half in general due to a porous defense that forced the QB to carry the team.

It was also a learning curve in front of an entirely rebuilt front line that had no chemistry or connection. While the line has come together beautifully, it took some time early on for Mahomes to trust them and all of that has made a big difference in his patient demeanor these days.