Buffalo Bills don’t move much in the power rankings after Week 13 loss

Tyler Bass, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle)
Tyler Bass, Buffalo Bills (Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle) /
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Buffalo Bills
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ESPN: Josh Allen named as the one player who must step up

Current Week’s Ranking: 8

Last Week’s Ranking: 7

The Buffalo Bills only dropped one spot after their loss to the New England Patriots. This week, ESPN writers were asked to name one player who must step up down the stretch and Alaina Getzenberg picked the franchise quarterback:

"The Bills’ ability to secure a top playoff seed and potentially make a Super Bowl relies on the whole team playing well, but the performance of Allen down the stretch will be vital. Turnovers have been an issue for Allen as of late — seven interceptions and two fumbles in the past five games — and while they are not all his fault, he needs to make better decisions with the football. Overall, Allen has had a solid season, but he and the offense need to take it to the next level to get where the Bills want to go. — Alaina Getzenberg"

The logic certainly makes sense as the quarterback position is typically the most important position on the field. The criticism of Allen’s play is also valid as the Bills quarterback has struggled to protect the football before Week 13.

However, after the game Monday night it feels like the players around him are letting him down. The Buffalo Bills don’t have a run game to speak of and the offensive line hasn’t helped much in pass protection.

If the Buffalo Bills are going to turn this season around, Josh Allen will certainly be a catalyst but he can’t do it alone.