Ex-Buffalo Bills LB: ‘Josh Allen can definitely win a Super Bowl’

Lorenzo Alexander believes the Buffalo Bills have the right quarterback to help them win a Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl-hype train was steadily growing in the offseason for the Buffalo Bills but seemed to come to a screeching halt after their Week 1 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The questions began to creep in about whether this team was as good as many believed.

However, over the past four weeks the Bills got back to playing at a level many believed they could and after their win over the Chiefs in Kansas City, they are once again back in the discussion as a Super Bowl contender.

There will certainly be questions about the Buffalo Bills chances until they actually win the Super Bowl. However, for Lorenzo Alexander, who played for the Bills from 2016 to 2019 which included two with Josh Allen, he believes this team is built for a Super Bowl and Josh Allen can be the quarterback that gets them there.

Alexander recently talked with Matt Lombardo of FanSided about this and said:

“He can win a Super Bowl,” Alexander says of Allen. “He has the ability, and the talent.”

Buffalo Bills quarterback is not playing “hero ball” anymore

One of the reasons Alexander believes Josh Allen can do this is he has moved away from playing ‘hero ball’ which sometimes results in highlight reel plays but also can put the team in a negative spot.

“He’s not playing hero ball. When things get out of sorts, he can be a guy who crosses that line to being reckless, but he’s able to now reign himself back in. He’s much more intentional and aware of what he needs to do … Even running in the game against Kansas City, it looked like the game plan was for him to take off a little bit more, but when he got what he needed to get, he got down.”

Early in his career, Josh Allen seemingly never wanted to give up on a play which resulted in sacks. This would end costing the team large chunks of lost yards or he would force a ball trying to make a play that resulted in a turnover.

These plays haven’t necessarily gone away completely but have been less frequent. Even this past week against the Chiefs there was an example of hero ball. Josh Allen tried to escape the rush and ran backwards which eventually resulted in a sack and an intentional grounding penalty, costing the team 18 yards.

While it isn’t ideal to lose that many yards, it made it even tougher considering the Bills were at the 35 and likely had a chance at a field goal with Tyler Bass if Allen had just thrown the ball away.

It is certainly great to hear that players who have played with Josh Allen are able to see the growth of the Buffalo Bills quarterback and believe they are capable of leading this team to a Super Bowl.