Buffalo Bills: 4 players they should put on trade block before deadline

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Buffalo Bills

Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)

The trade deadline is a few weeks away and these are four players the Buffalo Bills should consider trading.

The trade deadline in the NFL is not the same as other professional sports, like MLB or NBA, that result in a flurry of moves. It is also rare for teams to make significant moves that can greatly shift the balance of power in the conference.

Rather, the focus for most general managers is to address needs on the roster and bring players in who could be good depth or compete for a starting spot. They also could be looking to future years, assessing who may be apart of the franchise long-term and if that may not be the case, moving those players for draft picks could make sense.

The Buffalo Bills are a team that has plenty of depth and while they are not sellers, there are players on the roster that could bring back a good return in terms of draft picks if made available.

With that in mind, these are four players the Buffalo Bills on the roster that they could make available and possibly strike a deal before the deadline at the beginning of November.

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