Buffalo Bills offense clicking early with two touchdowns on first two drives

The Buffalo Bills offense scores two touchdowns on their first two drives to take early 14-0 lead.

There was plenty of questions this week about whether or not the Buffalo Bills offense was as good as many thought. The Bills have responded early this week to try and quiet those concerns with two touchdowns on their first two drives.

Devin Singletary adds long touchdown run on Buffalo Bills first drive

The Buffalo Bills first drive was only two plays as Devin Singletary took a handoff on the second play and ran 46 yards for a touchdown.

This play by Singletary was great to see for a number of reasons. The offensive line has had questions about their ability to effectively run block but did a great job up front that created a massive hole for Devin Singletary to run though.

The other reason was Singletary showed the breakaway speed that the team has been looking for. This hasn’t necessarily been a strength for Singletary but on that play he was able to outrun the Dolphins defender and reach the end zone for six points.

Josh Allen avoids the rush to find Stefon Diggs

The second drive for the Buffalo Bills took a few more plays but ended the same way with six points on the scoreboard. On this drive, the Buffalo Bills got inside the five yard line and on third down, Allen took the snap out of shotgun and avoided a Dolphins pass rusher before scrambling to his right.

He was able to buy just enough time for Stefon Diggs to work his way back to Allen from the left side to catch his first touchdown of the season.

This offense is answering those questions they had to hear all week in a big way with a strong start to the game. However, it will be important for them to continue playing at this level with plenty of time left in this game.