Buffalo Bills 2021 NFL Draft quick reaction grade: Damar Hamlin

The Buffalo Bills turned their attention to the secondary with the selection of Damar Hamlin with their second sixth round pick, 212th overall. The former starting safety from the University of Pittsburgh is an experienced player who played 46 games over five seasons with the Panthers.

He didn’t produce much in terms of interceptions, with only six in his career, but was disruptive in pass coverage with 21 passes defended. However, his strength really is coming up to support against the run as he averaged nearly six tackles per game during his time at the University of Pittsburgh.

Quick reaction grade for the Bills selection of Damar Hamlin: B

The Buffalo Bills are set with their starters at the position with Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer. These are two players who have proven to be very durable during their time with the Buffalo Bills but it is smart for the front office to add depth at the position.

The Bills lost Dean Marlowe this offseason as he left in free agency and joined the Detriot Lions. The thing that makes this a good pick is that they not only address the depth but they get a player who is experienced and could step in potentially sooner rather than later.

He also is a good fit for this defense as he really could replace either safety if the need arose because the Bills really don’t assign specific roles to their safeties. This is something that Damar Hamlin could do in this defense and the coaching staff could continue to use the safeties the way they do.

The fact that the Buffalo Bills got a player this late in the address that can address a potential big need, this is a great pick and is great value.