Buffalo Bills: Taiwan Jones appears to have good chance to make roster

The Buffalo Bills signed Taiwan Jones this offseason and he has a good chance to make the roster because of his special teams play.

The Buffalo Bills have one of the deepest rosters in recent memory and this creates a challenge for the team when they will need to start cutting down the roster. The players who aren’t expected to be starters have to find other ways to contribute and demonstrate why they warrant a roster spot this year.

One of those players who appears to be in good shape to earn one of those final roster spots is Taiwan Jones. The Bills signed Jones this offseason, who was with the team in 2017 and 2018 but spent last year with the Houston Texans.

Jones hasn’t had much opportunity at running back but has become a key special teams contributor. On Sunday, special teams coordinator Heath Farwell spoke very highly of Taiwan Jones, as well as Siran Neal.

“He is a fantastic gunner,” Farwell said. “With him and Siran [Neal] on the outsides, we have two of the best combo gunners in the league.”

Farwell went on to say that the ability to play in the jammer position on punt return is not something you find often from a running back.

This is a big reason that while he hasn’t contributed much as a running back, it feels like Taiwan Jones’ spot on the Buffalo Bills roster is pretty close to a lock. The versatility he brings in the special teams unit allows the coaching staff to use a roster spot for another position or need.

According to Pro Football Reference, when looking at snap counts for special teams last year, the Buffalo Bills only have two players, Darryl Johnson and Siran Neal, who returned among the top seven players in this category.

The addition of Taiwan Jones should help fill that void on special teams and should be a key piece of this group in 2020 for the Buffalo Bills.