Buffalo Bills: Top 5 defensive ends in franchise history

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BUFFALO, NY – CIRCA 1990: Bruce Smith #78 of the Buffalo Bills in action against the New York Jets during an NFL football game circa 1990 at Rich Stadium in Buffalo, New York. Smith played for the Bills from 1985-99. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

These are the top five defensive ends in the Buffalo Bills franchise history.

Over the course of the Buffalo Bills now 60-year long resistance after the AFL-NFL merger, the Bills have had a plethora of players dawn their uniform.

Though many walked out of the tunnel of New Era Field made an impact and gone on to have notable careers with the Buffalo Bills, few defensive ends stand out like the ones included in this list.

A collective 17 Pro Bowls, numerous All-Pro nominations, Hall of Fame nominations and more among these five defensive ends have cemented their legacy within the Buffalo Bills franchise and the community surrounding the team. For some of them, their impact on the team is still felt to this day and for others, they still have a chance to build on their legacy. Though few players have been able to replicate the output of the ones noted on this list, the quality of coaching in recent years for the Buffalo Bills has skyrocketed the team’s attention from regional to national.

As the 2020 Buffalo Bills gear up for what should be another playoff-bound season with an AFC title and more in sight, this article takes a look back at the top five defensive ends in Buffalo Bills history

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