Buffalo Bills: The history of Bills Mafia and the goalposts

The Buffalo Bills fans have a long history with the team’s goalposts, going back nearly 40 years.

In early September of 1980, the Buffalo Bills upset the Miami Dolphins. It was 20 games over the course of a decade that Miami dominated the Bills as well as many other teams throughout the NFL.  When the final tick on the clock occurred making The Bills, the unexpected winner, saw the fans rushed the field eventually bringing the goalposts down.

The former Buffalo Bills owner, Ralph Wilson did not mind.

“It’s the biggest win this club’s ever had,” he commented. “Bigger than the AFL championships. I’ll be happy to buy new goal posts.”

He proclaimed that it was the biggest victory in franchise history at that time. He indicated it was bigger than the AFL Championship victories. Rich stadium was not very old at this time. Wilson casually said he certainly had no problem buying a new goal post after such a huge victory. He was not upset at all. Very Chill Mr. Wilson. We thank you for all you did.

The year was 1988. Buffalo clinched the AFC East division title by the blocked kick literally at the hands of legend Fred Smerlas. The famous picture has Fandemonium written on it focusing on the fans storming the field and the goal post coming down These are on display at many Mighty Tacos in the Buffalo metro area.

In 1990 the Bills clinched the division against the Dolphins in Orchard Park. The team officials were going to be prepared this time hopefully diffusing this goalpost trend. An announcement went over the PA warning fans that this is not acceptable, and these goalposts were going to be needed for the playoffs.

To the surprise of the fans as the game approached the end, police on horseback surrounded the perimeter of the field.  To the surprise of security, the Bills fans did miraculously overcome this obstacle somehow ending up with hacksaws and manpower bringing down the goal posts once again, as Steve Cichon wrote.

Has Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott put the Bills in a position where they could be clinching a division title for the first time this century?  If they clinch a division title at home in the near future, does the Bills Mafia take matters into their own hand and rush the field? Do the goalposts come down?  Do fans take home souvenir pieces of the goalposts? Do the fans cut up the turf and distribute as they did in 1990?

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Knowing the creativity and enthusiasm of the Bills Mafia, I would think that if they want the turf or posts, they will get the turf and posts. Do these tailgating table smashing innovators introduce a fresh new stunt taking the league by storm? Stealing shamelessly from the 80’s Iconic band ASIA, “Only time will tell. “

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