What Buffalo Bills fans should know about Quinton Jefferson

The Buffalo Bills recently agreed to a deal with defensive linemen Quinton Jefferson, formerly with the Seattle Seahawks. We had a chance to talk with Lee Vowell of the 12th Man Rising to find out exactly what kind of player they are getting.

The Buffalo Bills made a flurry of moves to start free agency and one of those was a agreeing to a two-year deal with defensive linemen Quinton Jefferson. Jefferson was originally a fifth round pick by the Seahawks in 2016 out of Maryland.

He was with the team for only a season before being released and landed with the Los Angeles Rams briefly on their practice squad before the Seahawks re-signed him. He spent almost three seasons with the team, starting 24 games over the past two seasons.

We had a chance to talk with Lee Vowell, who is the Site Expert at 12th Man Rising, to find out more about the player and what the Bills might expect.

Buffalowdown: Quinton Jefferson was originally drafted by the Seattle Seahawks but was released and then brought back. What was the reason for his release and why did the Seahawks bring him back?

12th Man Rising: Jefferson was originally released because he had issues staying healthy. In 2016, I am not sure Seattle knew that he could be a regular member of the defensive line rotation. So the Seahawks released him. But Seattle, I think, hoped he wouldn’t be picked up once released and they would place him on the practice squad. That didn’t happen but fortunately, the Seahawks were able to get him back after the Rams placed him on their practice squad. Then Jefferson played pretty well at the end of 2017. Then he had the incident where he nearly went after a fan in Jacksonville in December. It appears, however, he just lost his cool after fans were calling him a racial slur. Jefferson isn’t a bad guy, but that was a bad situation. 

Buffalowdown: There is some confusion about what position Jefferson actually plays. He is sometimes listed as a defensive tackle and sometimes as a defensive end. Where do you believe he fits best in a 4-3 defense?

12th Man Rising: The great thing about Jefferson is his versatility. He can play any of the four spots on the defensive line. I do not think he is better at one spot than the other, though. He isn’t the fastest guy so that he isn’t a true end. He isn’t the strongest or biggest guy so he isn’t a clear tackle. But he is fast enough and strong enough to be a bit disruptive at any position.

Buffalowdown: What are his strengths and what do you believe is the one thing that will stand out to Buffalo Bills fans when they watch him next year?

12th Man Rising: The one thing that should stand out is that Jefferson will play his butt off on every down. He knows that he has to earn everything he gets as he isn’t a Jadeveon Clowney-type player where his raw skill will set him apart. But that is a good thing; He has a great motor. Jefferson is also a smart player and knows how to get the max out of his skill and has a drive to learn, so that should help him be successful in Buffalo. Honestly, I was hoping Seattle would bring him back because he was one of the Seahawks better defensive linemen last year.

Buffalowdown: Is there anything else Bills fans should know about Quinton Jefferson before next season?

12th Man Rising: Jefferson won’t make any Pro Bowls probably, but he will be a good player and his versatility will definitely help. If Jefferson has good players around him, and he will in Buffalo, those players will take the attention off of Jefferson and can play one on one football. He’ll be good that way. The Buffalo Bills got a productive player in Jefferson. 

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This certainly should have Buffalo Bills’ fans excited about the addition of Quinton Jefferson and what he is able to do in this defense. Be sure to visit 12th Man Rising for all Seattle Seahawks news and give Lee Vowell a follow on Twitter.

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