Buffalo Bills: Brian Daboll not selected for Browns’ HC job

After Brian Daboll was not selected for the Cleveland Browns’ head coach position, the Buffalo Bills appear headed into 2020 with the same head coach and coordinators.

The Buffalo Bills were coming off a 10-6 season and any time organizations have success, it is expected that other NFL teams will identify coordinators on those teams as head coaching candidates. That was exactly the case for offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who was interviewed for the Cleveland Browns’ head coach opening.

However, on Sunday the Browns elected to go with Minnesota Vikings’ offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski. This is good news for Bills fans because as late as yesterday, Daboll was in contention and even considered a sleeper.

The Browns were the last of five teams to have head coaching openings this offseason. This means that unless one of the teams left in the playoffs end up with a head coaching opening, the Bills should enter the 2020 season with almost their entire coaching staff intact.

There may be some fans that do not find this as positive news and will point to the fact that in the past two years with Daboll as offensive coordinator, the Bills offense finished 30th and 24th in yards per game. In addition to that, the Bills haven’t put up much points averaging only 16.8 points per game in 2018 and 19.6 points per game in 2019 to rank 30th and 23rd in the NFL in respective years.

However, the 2018 season feels like a wash as the talent wasn’t there and it was Josh Allen’s first year in the league. This past season, with the addition of new weapons like John Brown and Devin Singletary, the offense as a whole did improve.

The relationship Daboll and Josh Allen have built over the past two years is one of the things the Bills’ quarterback credits for his success in Year 2. This should help Allen accelerate his development this offseason because he can focus on other facets of his game versus trying to learn a new offense with a new coordinator.

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This upcoming season will be key for both Allen and Daboll and if there isn’t more improvement for the offense as a whole, then the Buffalo Bills may elect to make a change. However, at this point the Bills are better off with Brian Daboll on the staff instead of trying to recreate the offense with a new coordinator.

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