Should the Buffalo Bills participate in the Supplemental Draft?

The Buffalo Bills have, yet again, another opportunity to add a fresh face, in the NFL’s annual Supplemental Draft held on July 10th.

With the free agency frenzy and NFL Draft behind us, the Buffalo Bills appear to be set with their roster. But, if that’s far from the truth, they have another opportunity to add to the roster: the NFL Supplemental Draft on July 10th.

The Supplemental Draft isn’t like typical ones. Players up for selection are underclassmen that are ineligible to play in the NCAA for a variety of reasons. The prospects in the event file a petition to take part in it. Then, comes the drafting.

In the Supplemental Draft, teams are divided up into three categories; those who won six games the prior season, non-playoff teams that won at least seven games, and playoff squads. The order goes on the basis of wins and losses, with a lottery held to determine the preciseness of it. After that, it gets tricky.

To select a prospect, teams submit blind bids to the NFL, which indicates both who they want and what round they’d like to select them in. Whichever team wins the bidding process selects the player, then next years pick is forfeited. For instance, say X  player is up for grabs, the Bills bid a second-round pick for him and win it, next year’s second rounder is forfeited.

The NFL has held the Supplemental Draft since 1977, and a few stars have risen from it. Former Pro Bowlers Bernie Kosar, Cris Carter, and Jamal Williams are a few examples of this. Recent picks Josh Gordon, Terrelle Pryor, and Ahmad Brooks were partially or wildly successful additions by way of the Supplemental Draft.

With the process known, and the Supplement Draft looming, a question may be raised: Should the Buffalo Bills take part in this year’s mid-July action?

As it currently stands, just four players have enlisted in the supplemental draft; safety Jalen Thompson, linebacker Shyheim Cullen, tight end Devonaire Clarington, and wide receiver Marcus Simms.

The first three mentioned should be scratched out from the Bills’ consideration, the team drafted a prospect at each of those positions in the real draft, or added veteran free agents. The latter of the former statement holds true for the wide receiver position, but Simms may be worth a look.

The Bills have a long withstanding depth issue at receiver; though they added to the group heavily in free agency, another fresh-face may be worth a look. Simms, a West Virginia product, is a burner (4.40 second reported 40-time), with production and decent size to boot (6-foot, 190-pounds). In his last two seasons as a Mountaineer, he recorded 81 catches for 1,362 yards and seven touchdowns.

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However, the Bills didn’t attend Simms’ pro day, while 13 other teams did. But, he may be worth a look — if his bidding is low — considering their lack of a No. 1 target; it never hurts to add more talent to the skill-position group. Nonetheless, Buffalo should be clear, despite wide receiver being a need, that they won’t outbid past the fifth round — future draft picks are just too valuable.

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