Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen is aiming for the playoffs in 2019

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has his eyes set on the playoffs in 2019.

After a rocky rookie season, quarterback Josh Allen has all eyes on him to take the next step and bring the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs. Despite playing with a patchwork offense in 2018, the Wyoming, big-bodied, signal-caller has the post-season in his eyes.

While talking with Tim Graham for The Athletic, Allen didn’t shy away from his playoff aspirations being well-known. Though he didn’t say the Bills will win the Super Bowl, he noted that the team is going to try, led by Sean McDermott’s playoff-orientated mindset. Allen also mentioned that ten plus wins is the goal, as he said in full:

I’m not going to sit here and say we’re going to win the Super Bowl, but we’re sure going to try. We want to get into the playoffs. Coach preaches playoff-caliber every day, and to get in the playoffs it usually takes around 10 wins. Our goal is to go out there, compete every day.

Allen’s goals are achievable, especially when considering the Bills’ vastly improved offense. General manager Brandon Beane spent the off-season upgrading every position around Allen — to the point where the roster is devoid of a glaring hole. The line will feature four new starters, including top center Mitch Morse. The wide receiver, running back, and tight end groups have a slew of new, respected faces, such as Frank Gore, John Brown, and Cole Beasley.

Allen’s development will be key to the Bills taking the playoffs — he has the ceiling of an MVP and the floor of a backup. But just as important will be an already good defense. Many figure that the offense will need to take time to gel, so last year’s No. 1 ranked pass defense will need to perform up to par. Luckily, in the off-season, the defense lost no key cogs and upgraded their pass-rush with Ed Oliver on-board.

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With the New England Patriots still doing there thing and the New York Jets upgrading mightily, the Bills will not have an easy path to the playoffs. However, if Allen takes the next step we all want him to take, and the defense stays elite, Brady and Belichick may have trouble sleeping at night.

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