Buffalo Bills: Four three-round draft scenarios for the Bills

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First Round – Pick No. 23
Christian Wilkins / Defensive Tackle / Clemson

TRADE: Buffalo receives No. 23, No. 54, No. 55; Houston Receives No. 9, No. 158

If you could build a Sean McDermott player in a lab, you would most likely get Christian Wilkins. A college football champion, a great character guy, graduated with his masters in three years, a leader, a producer, and he can split a double-team and get into a backfield.

Over the past several days, I have heard Wilkins being a possibility for Buffalo at No. 9. That doesn’t exactly excite me as I believe Wilkins is more in the 20-30 range to be drafted and this would be a great move for Buffalo to move back in an area to pick him and grab Houston’s two seconds.

When thinking about this move, I think of Buffalo trading away both of their seconds last year and what they missed out on by doing so. This allows them to recoup those seconds and add the talent they missed out on. It also allows Houston to jump up and get a tackle to protect their franchise quarterback.

Second Round – Pick No. 35
Hakeem Butler / Wide Receiver / Iowa State

TRADE: Oakland receives No. 40, No. 112; Buffalo receives No. 35, No. 218

Hakeem Butler is my favorite receiver in the draft. He is big, fast, has a huge catch radius, can play on the outside or inside, and can break tackles. He would be the perfect fit on this offense because he would fill the role on the outside for the team and could be a number one receiver.

Putting Butler across from John Brown or Robert Foster and next to Cole Beasley or whatever tight end the team drafts (keep reading) would be the final step in adding weapons for Josh Allen and creating a dangerous offense.

Second Round – Pick No. 49
Jace Sternberger / Tight End / Texas A&M

TRADE: Cleveland receives No. 54, No. 131, No. 181; Buffalo receives No. 49, No. 221

I stated previously that I really like Sternberger and if the Bills miss out on Hockenson, I think he needs to be the target in round two. Big, fast, strong, and a dynamic receiving threat for his position, Sternberger lining up with Butler, Beasley, Brown, Foster, and Jones is extremely dangerous.

Buffalo may have a dynamic offense for the first time in decades.

Second Round – Pick No. 53
Tytus Howard / Offensive Tackle / Alabama State

TRADE: Philadelphia receives No. 55, No. 147; Buffalo receives No. 53

As I stated earlier, this pick makes a ton of sense. It addresses offensive line without spending too much and you have a really good athlete for the position.

Buffalo only jumps up two spots and doesn’t have to give up much to do so, sacrificing some of their extra picks towards the back end of the draft.

Third Round – Pick No. 74
Zach Allen / Defensive End / Boston College

No trade here, just the Bills getting a very good value pick.

Buffalo still needs a pass rusher and could really do well to add Allen here. He has all of the intangibles that you would look for in a McDermott-type player with good production. He is strong against the run and pass and works his tail off. This would be a solid pickup for the Bills after filling so many needs.