A plethora of picks means the Buffalo Bills should be active at the NFL Draft

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With the NFL Draft merely days away, the NFL landscape is beginning to heat up. The Buffalo Bills have 10 picks in the upcoming draft which means they could make a number of moves.

The 2019 NFL Draft is nearly upon us and it is one of the biggest events if not the biggest event of the NFL offseason. Without the need of a franchise quarterback and having already filled several of their holes on the roster, the Buffalo Bills can go any which way they please in the draft.

We witnessed what Brandon Beane and the front office were able to do last year with a pair of picks in rounds one, two, and three. In 2017 when Sean McDermott was running the show, we saw that Buffalo was willing to deal in the opposite direction and move back in the draft to acquire picks and still get an impact player.

With this being the third draft of the current regime, it could go either way. Buffalo is in a great spot at pick No. 9 and with 10 picks total to do some moving. If a player falls that they need to have, trading up becomes easier with the draft capital they have.

In addition, the team could sit and wait for the quarterback market to heat up in the top-10, allowing for the Bills to trade back and still bring in a top-end talent. Or the third option is Buffalo sits where they are, allows everything to happen around them, and take the best player available.

From where the Bills sit now and the capital they have, I don’t expect the big move in the top-half of the first round. However, I expect Buffalo to be very active within the last seven picks of the first and the second and third rounds.

By trading both of their seconds and one of their thirds last season, Buffalo missed out on acquiring impact players and strong talent. I can’t see them doing the same this season as I am sure they believe they are close to becoming serious contenders. Waiting until the end of the first, second, and third rounds to make moves will cost the team less, but it will provide the team with quality talent – especially with such a deep class.

Luckily for the Bills, this class is deep exactly where they still have holes. Defensive line, tight end, and wide receiver are all positions of need and several players are fringe first, early second-round picks. That plays in well with what Buffalo has in terms of picks and capital. If Buffalo were to want to get back into the end of the first or from the third into the second, moving several of their mid-round picks should do the trick.

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Whatever Buffalo decides to do, the Bills should have the ammunition to do it. While day one may not be the day it gets done, look out for day two to be the day Buffalo is heavily invested in the trade market.